Friday, March 9, 2012

So, Why I Hate Girls?

In general I don’t hate girls [For girls reading this, I am straight and single]. They are the most beautiful creation of god, how one can hate them. They make a guy smile without a reason.

I am not against love marriages. I don’t hate girls who go for love marriage either. But when a girl goes for love marriage without the consensus of her parents then I start hating her. In nutshell, I hate all those girls marrying against the will of their parents (with 0.01% exception).

Here is thing. You fell in love with someone and you think he is the one. But your parents don’t think in the same way. They think you are doing a mistake and I think the same. And if you don’t think the same then you are WRONG. Because, I believe, your parents who made decision for you since you were born and all decision were in your favor, for your bright future, for your better education, for your successful life.

When you were in pre-school, you cried for a doll they gave you, because you were able to convince them that this is only thing which can keep you happy. [Take a note here, parents knew doll is the not the only thing which will make you happy but still they gave you doll for your happiness, meaning you were able to convince them].

Then in your school days, you fight for a new cycle they gave you that too, even they had to borrow some money from neighbors, only because you convinced them.

In your college days, you asked for a laptop they gave you, even they knew there are lots of nasty thing on internet which may destroy your career, life and everything. But they believe in you, they trust you, you got them convinced that you will do something which is good for everyone, you will learn, play and be smart.

Now if you are not able to convince them that you are going to marry a guy who loves you and you love him back. Then take my words, you are really doing something wrong. If you think you are not doing anything wrong then try harder your parents will be convinced. Otherwise same parents who did everything, from sleepless nights to twelve hours day of work just to make you achieve the height of success, how the same parents can think  anything other than your happiness, yours future, your success. I don’t believe parents are wrong. If someone is wrong it’s YOU.

In fact according to me parents go against children love marriages only in case of weird love. So, what do I mean by weird love. Do you think daughter of prime-minister falling in love with peon’s son is right? No parents will allow this kind of love and they are fully right and have all rights to deny your bizarre kind of love. This kind of love stories are made for movies only. Ok, so you are asking why they make this kind of love stories. Here is my view, do you think they will show a movie where two compatible people fall in love, everyone is happy, finally they got married and lived their live there after. Will you go to watch this kind of movies; will it be a hit one? Yes, your answer is right, big “NO”. Those kind of weird things are for movies which sole aim is to attract more audience for them. So don’t get taken by this bloody bizarre kind of movies and don’t make you and your parents suffer.

Let me tell you one thing, your parents are biologically programmed to love you, support you, care for you, secure your future. Their subconscious drives them to protect you, teach you, make successful in live, sometimes even without letting them know. So, you can and you should trust your parents blindly.

One day you will be parent but what family values you will be having. What family values will you teach to your children? What if your daughter will show thumb to you, what will be your feelings?

You are pride of your parents, your family, your village, your country. You should not take this as a burden but as a pride as you have been given such a high status in society. Do you think you should let pride of your loved ones let go?

Disclaimer: This is my personal view.  It is not based on any living or dead person. If you find your life in this story it will be a mere co-incident.