Friday, January 9, 2009

what is love ??do i fear from LOVE?

well guys i am not sure about what love really is.But when i was in 3rd or 4th standard then my elder brother was in 10th standard.He used to write everywhere "Love i s God ,God is Love".I was confused what it really means and you guys wont believe I asked one of his friend he explained me that LOVE stands for L=lake of tears O=ocean of sorrow V=valley of death E=end of life.

Believe me guys I have not been in love .But still being in love is amazing feeling.I just cant write in words but yeah you will feel always like talking about her/him ,your eyes will search for her/him only,your mind will force to dream you in day too,you lips will widen to give a subtle smile ,your pen will feel like writing her/him name.If you feel like that then believe me you are in love.

But you know what- i fear from LOVE. As i have promised myself to do something for my family, something for village and something for my country.So i avoid to any girl who attracts me.If you are a girl and i m avoiding you that means i like you the most. Well i hope avoiding the girl who attracts will really help you a lot. Finally if you think you are getting attracted towards some girl then try to focus on another.Believe me you will get over from first one.If you are doing these things means you fear from love like me.But dont worry can't say its good but its not bad.

whatever you do,do to enjoy and make yourself happy.Believe me if you are happy you can do any thing with your happy and healthy mind.