Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My One Sided Love -Pros

I won't have to spend sleepless night.
I won't have to give up my pride.
I won't have to drop a plan of ride.
I won't have to wait her like a tide.
I won't have to deal with her blight.
I won't have to watch unwillingly Twilight.
I won't have to be careful from her sight.
I won't have to book ticket for her flight.

I can invite my friends.
I can follow my trends.
I can enjoy my weekends.
I can check my spends.

It will last forever without a fight.
She can elope with someone, I will be fine.

Dedicated to (F)OSLA

Sunday, October 2, 2011

आज फिर से..(her reply)

आज फिर से,
चहकने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
महकने का मन हुआ है !
आज फिर से,
सजने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
संवरने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
भीगने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
बिखरने का मन हुआ है !
आज फिर से,
इठलाने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
उछलने का मन हुआ है !
आज फिर से,
 मुस्कराने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से,
तुमसे मिलने का मन हुआ है!

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आज फिर से ...

आज फिर से, दवात
मैंने भर लाई है !
आज फिर से,काली
स्याही खरीद लाई है !
आज फिर से, नरगद
की कलम बनाई है !
आज फिर से, पुरानी
चेयर उठाई है !
आज फिर से, टेबल 
की धुल उड़ाई है!
आज फिर से, लालटेन 
खुद से जलाई है!
आज फिर से, टाइम-मशीन 
बनाने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से, चहरे
पे उदासी छाई है!
आज फिर से, कविता 
लिखने का मन हुआ है!
आज फिर से, तुम्हारी 
याद आई है!

समर्पित: IndiBlogger.in
[Note: I got a poem in reply, which will be posted in few days!]

Sunday, June 19, 2011

घर की याद !

आज एक बार फिर से,
सूरज को शर्म आई है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
हवाएं गागर भर लायीं हैं !

आज एक बार फिर से,
बिजली ने लपट लहरही है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
बादलों ने ढोल संभाला है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
मेंढक ने पुकार लगायी है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
मिट्टी की ख़ुशबू आई है!

आज एक बार फिर से,
कागज की नाव बनायीं है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
बारीश में भीग जाने का मन हुआ है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
चहरे पे उदासी छाई है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
आँखे भर आयीं है !

आज एक बार फिर से,
घर की याद आई है !

समर्पित: मेरा देश मेरा गाँव

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Miss You !

I miss you in happiness,
I miss you in pain.

I miss you in desert,
I miss you in rain.

I miss you in bus,
I miss you in train.

I miss you in loss,
I miss you in gain.

I miss you in movie,
I miss you in game.

I miss you in madness,
I miss you in sane.

I miss you in home,
I miss you in Ukraine.

I miss you in freedom,
I miss you in chain.

I miss you in water,
I miss you in plain.

I miss you in hunger,
I miss you in grain.

I miss you in party,
I miss you in drain.

I miss you in praise,
I miss you in complain.

I miss you once
and I miss you again !

Dedicated to "you". . .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love in 500c !

22nd may 2011: I had to go to meet one of my friends in Kalyan Nagar(Bangalore). I went to bus stop. I was waiting for any 500-number bus except 500c. But guess what that 500c which I had never seen at that bus stop when waiting for it. So I had been forced to walk. I feel unfortunate to see so many 500c passing by but none I was waiting for. Finally she came (both ‘she’ and ‘500a’).
I was getting little worried as I had to be in Kalyan Nagar by 3:00pm and it was always 2:45pm. But suddenly I forgot what time it is and where I am going. I saw her for the first time. She made me to believe “love happens at first site”. I don’t know her name. I don’t know whether she was married, committed or single I just fell in love with her.
There were no seats available to sit in 500a. So I went backside and she followed me. She was carrying a golden color handbag and some newly shopped stuffs from Provogue(I saw it on polythene she was carrying along ). She was in light sky color top. It made me to feel whole sky is in bus. Finally we settled down in bus. I was facing front and she was facing left. Her soft cheek was at few centimeters from my eyes. So smooth, so soft, child-like. For the first time in my life I could really see rose like lips. Her lips were so lively, moving randomly, unintentionally. She used to cover her lower lip with upper one frequently (To me it was her nervousness). At this moment of time my eyes stopped obeying my neuro commands (by this time she would had counted “one more down”). Our eyes became friends. They started talking to each other frequently. I realized, like me, she found out that eyes won’t obey. As these days girls don’t put “dupatta” she didn’t had that choice to play with it. Then she found other way, she started SMSing. But again she was restless probably she was not getting any response from other end. So final she put on her earphones, activity which annoys me most somehow didn’t annoy me enough on that day. I was loving to see her restless. My brain was registering every movement in any of her muscles (I never knew that I can concentrate so well on so many things at same time). She was trying not to look into my eyes but her eyes were already in love with mine and by this time I was already slave to my eyes. As usual weather was cloudy and cool breeze can be felt outside bus. In addition to smell of chocolate I was carrying for my friend, “lute koi mann ka nagar” made environment more than romantic. Everything started looking so cheerful. I was able to see smile on every face. I forget whether I am flying or going by road (I couldn’t feel any speed breakers). I was so in love. I was looking for some chance when I can talk to her (May be I can ask her when Kalyan Nagar will come).
While I was thinking how can strike some conversation with her, conductor shouted Kalyan Nagar. I didn’t realize that it is Kalyan Nagar stop. Hurriedly I got down smiling, trying to get a last glimpse of her softness (which I couldn’t get ). While walking to meet my friend I declared I was (am) in love. It was 3:30, somehow I composed myself and called my friend and apologized from being late.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Who is 'she' !

She is air I breathe in.
She is water I swim in.
She is sky I fly in.
She is field I play in.
She is love I burn in.
She is world I live in.

She is brightest start of my time.
She is happiest moment of my life.
She is craziest idea of my mind.
She is finest ink of my pen.
She is cutest scar on my eye.
She is sweetest flower of my bouquet.

Dedicated to 'she' !

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Excuses !!

Here are some excuses for being single by a male with what his counterpart thinks at his answer.

guy: I am enjoying being single.
gal: Poor fellow :(

guy: I did not get a girl of my choice.
gal: Fir toh beta mommy ki choice ki hi milegi :P
[don't worry your mommy will get one for you]

guy: I was committed once but I am not interested anymore.
gal: So you found out that you are gay :D

guy: My all friends are single only.
gal: Saale gays :P :D

guy: I will prefer arrange marriage.
gal: Kutte fir mere piche kyun pada hai :-x
[Then why the hell you are running after me]

guy: I don't want to go for 'Notting hill' when 'Star wars' is being screened in same theatre.
gal: Smart ass :)

guy: Girls demand a lot.
gal: As if you don't...she knows whats you gonna demand one day!