Saturday, February 5, 2011

Excuses !!

Here are some excuses for being single by a male with what his counterpart thinks at his answer.

guy: I am enjoying being single.
gal: Poor fellow :(

guy: I did not get a girl of my choice.
gal: Fir toh beta mommy ki choice ki hi milegi :P
[don't worry your mommy will get one for you]

guy: I was committed once but I am not interested anymore.
gal: So you found out that you are gay :D

guy: My all friends are single only.
gal: Saale gays :P :D

guy: I will prefer arrange marriage.
gal: Kutte fir mere piche kyun pada hai :-x
[Then why the hell you are running after me]

guy: I don't want to go for 'Notting hill' when 'Star wars' is being screened in same theatre.
gal: Smart ass :)

guy: Girls demand a lot.
gal: As if you don't...she knows whats you gonna demand one day!

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suman said...

very true....nice job done guru ji :)