Friday, May 20, 2011

Who is 'she' !

She is air I breathe in.
She is water I swim in.
She is sky I fly in.
She is field I play in.
She is love I burn in.
She is world I live in.

She is brightest start of my time.
She is happiest moment of my life.
She is craziest idea of my mind.
She is finest ink of my pen.
She is cutest scar on my eye.
She is sweetest flower of my bouquet.

Dedicated to 'she' !


suman said...

nice poem............loved it..but who is she? ;)

gurufrequent said...

Suman oh Suman !! Thats what precisely I have tried to ans here ;)

Anonymous said...

hey.. i am sorry.. :(